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Our Testimonials

During a recent real estate transaction, the attorneys had knowledge of financial aspects of the law and saved me on my taxes – something I really appreciated. They seemed to care and want to do the best thing for me.

Hal Berger did a great closing for me. Everything went off without a hitch, and for a really reasonable fee. I would definitely recommend him.

I have done many, many real estate closings with different attorneys in my life and Hal Berger is right up there among the very best. He was efficient, and we closed on the date we were supposed to…with no surprises.

Hal Berger is the nicest and most helpful lawyer I’d say you’ll statistically find in Charlotte. He’s just totally unexpectedly excellent. A true craftsman in real estate legal matters. I send everyone to him and try to use him for all legal matters as a starting point. His sister is an excellent painter too and has her original artwork in his office, like an art exhibit.

My husband and I hired Hal Berger from Berger & Kindberg Law to handle our home sale, which turned out to be a great decision. I had gotten fed up with our realtor, and was looking for a different solution to sell our home. Hal was FAR less expensive than a realtor (as in, remove a zero) with a flat fee no matter the complications (no hourly attorney fees!). So after 3 months of our house sitting on the market with a realtor, we fired the realtor, hired Hal, and were able to drop our home price by thousands to attract a buyer while still netting the same amount. The price drop worked, and we were under contract in 4 days. Hal knew how to draft a contract that protected our interests much better than a realtor would have, and looked out for issues from the buyer’s side to also protect us. He was also very responsive – to the point that if I didn’t get a response to an email within a couple hours, I knew he must be in court or some other impossible-to-respond situation. He made selling our own home without a realtor easy and lucrative. He was also a pleasure to work with. He saw it through to the very end. We highly recommend. – RB, June 2017