At Berger & Kindberg Law, our Charlotte estate planning and administration attorneys can help you plan for your family's future. We can ensure that your assets and property are administered according to your wishes. We also help business owners integrate their company's plans into a family estate plan. In addition, we provide dedicated assistance with the administration of an estate to make sure that all assets are distributed according to the terms of a will and to the law.

If you wish to establish a plan for the future, or need help with the probate of a loved one's property, we are here to help. Call today for a free consultation. We are conveniently located in Charlotte.

Effective Planning for the Future

Our dedicated North Carolina trust attorneys know how to set up an effective estate plan that will help provide for future generations. We will work closely with you to understand your goals and aspirations and develop a course of action to make sure that your objectives are met. We are capable of drafting sound legal documents to fit any situation, including wills, living wills, trusts and powers of attorney. We do not rely on canned forms, but instead tailor all documents to meet your unique wishes.

We Help Family Members Administer Estates

When a loved one has died, either with or without leaving a will, you may find yourself saddled with the task of sorting out an estate. This can become complicated very quickly. The lawyers at Berger & Kindberg Law have extensive experience guiding people through estate administration and probate. We provide dedicated legal services that include:

  • The collection and distributions of assets
  • The inventory of personal and business property
  • The payment of debts, taxes and funeral costs
  • Will contests
  • Probate litigation

We will make sure that an estate administration and any necessary probate matters are handled quickly and efficiently. Attempting to act as an executor on your own may result in an expensive and time-consuming legal nightmare down the road. With over 25 years of experience, we help make sure that everything is taken care of correctly the first time.

Call for a Free Consultation with a North Carolina Probate Lawyer

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