In a growing number of Charlotte divorce cases, mediation is becoming a popular process for sorting through the details of divorce. These details usually revolve around one of three general topics: property, money and children's issues. To guide communications, some parties employ a trained/certified mediator. The mediator's job is to remain neutral and keep the couple focused on a civil resolution to their case.

As your attorney, we can act as your advisor through the mediation. In that role, we help you understand what could happen if the case went to court. Should the process be successful for all involved, we can draft the separation agreement, or we can review the separation agreement for legal compliance, to make sure it is enforceable by law if another attorney drafts it.

For many couples, mediation provides a very effective means to a divorce settlement that everyone can live with. If you and your spouse have decided to handle your divorce through mediation, contact us for qualified representation throughout the process.