There was a time when spousal support, or alimony, was common in divorce settlements. However, it has become less popular in recent years with only one in every six divorcing couples even considering it as an option. In cases where it is relevant, spousal support plays a very crucial role in the divorce settlement. Support can be a very sensitive topic between divorcing couples, and it is important to have the services of an attorney with valuable insight in the practice of family law if you or your spouse plans to pursue it.

Berger & Kindberg Law understands that in some situations support is essential, and in other situations, it is not. We understand the complexity of the factors that effect support and have the experience to determine how the income of both parties, ability to earn a living, age, health, work history and the amount of child support being paid will impact the court's decision on spousal support. We work with clients to help them understand and determine what role spousal support should play in the divorce settlement.

Berger & Kindberg Law approaches every case by determining what is best for you and then creating a plan to achieve it. While every case is different, we have developed a vast knowledge base and have the insight to apply it to your case.