My husband and I hired Hal Berger from Berger & Kindberg Law to handle our home sale, which turned out to be a great decision. I had gotten fed up with our realtor, and was looking for a different solution to sell our home. Hal was FAR less expensive than a realtor (as in, remove a zero) with a flat fee no matter the complications (no hourly attorney fees!). So after 3 months of our house sitting on the market with a realtor, we fired the realtor, hired Hal, and were able to drop our home price by thousands to attract a buyer while still netting the same amount. The price drop worked, and we were under contract in 4 days. Hal knew how to draft a contract that protected our interests much better than a realtor would have, and looked out for issues from the buyer's side to also protect us. He was also very responsive - to the point that if I didn't get a response to an email within a couple hours, I knew he must be in court or some other impossible-to-respond situation. He made selling our own home without a realtor easy and lucrative. He was also a pleasure to work with. He saw it through to the very end. We highly recommend. - RB, June 2017