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Maximize The Impact Of Your Charitable Donation

You have worked hard throughout your life to build your career and earn a comfortable income. Along the way, you provided for your family, your loved ones and those in your community who were less fortunate. Now, as you make your end-of-life arrangements, you wish to continue your legacy by making charitable donations through your estate plan.

Consider working with capable attorneys in North Carolina who have an in-depth understanding of wills, trusts, estate plans and charitable contributions. Our estate planning attorneys at Berger & Kindberg Law can help you make effective philanthropic gifts. With over 50 years’ combined experience, we take pride in our knowledgeable approach to all estate planning issues, including charitable giving.

Create Your Legacy Of Giving

At Berger & Kindberg Law, we handle numerous issues regarding charitable contributions. We can help identify and select the estate planning tools that maximize the impact of your gift and minimize any tax penalties. We can determine how best to pass your donations to the recipient of your choice. Then, we can help ensure that your donation is used in the manner that you wish.

Whether you wish to leave money to a single charity or establish a private foundation, our capable legal team can guide you through every step, striving always to ensure your legacy of philanthropy.

Talk About Charitable Donations With Our Lawyers

Discuss your intentions with our team of attorneys, and we can guide you in how to make the most impact with your charitable donations. Schedule a consultation by calling our Charlotte office at 704-900-3816, or by reaching us online.