It is amazing how our lives and our needs change over time. This principle of change over time is also relevant in divorce settlement and child custody. It is addressed by a legal process known as modification.

Sometimes, we outgrow the arrangements we make at the time of divorce. Maybe you agreed on a certain home environment for the children due to their age, and now you are concerned about other issues. Perhaps you have had a career change, and the previously established custody and visitation schedule no longer works. The attorneys at Berger & Kindberg Law realize that needs change over time. Decisions may need to be adjusted to address the current reality of the situation.

Regardless of which side you are on in the case, Berger & Kindberg Law has the experience to represent in a successful modification. If you are seeking to modify a divorce settlement, contact us to prepare and present your case for modification. If your former spouse is filing for modification, turn to Berger & Kindberg Law to protect your livelihood and preserve the original judgment. We are on your side, and we can help.