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Charlotte Probate Lawyers

When a loved one passes, not always but often times an estate needs to be opened to transfer the property of the deceased. Sometimes probate is needed to retitle assets. If done properly, estate administration can resolve concerns about unknown creditors and effectively bar any future claims.

Timing can also be important. Sometimes you might actually want to wait to open an estate or even not open an estate at all. Probate commencement comes with time limits and duties. Sometimes it is best to handle certain events before probate commencement and open the estate thereafter.

Some decisions once made with the probate court cannot be reversed. You need to consult an experienced attorney to decide if you need to open an estate and when to open an estate. Estate administration can be a complicated process.

The lawyers at Berger & Kindberg Law can help you make these important decisions. Our attorneys can handle your estate administration allowing you to handle as much or as little of the work as you want.

If your loved one has passed, before you make a decision that you cannot undo, call Berger & Kindberg Law for a free consultation at 704-900-3816 or complete the online form. Let us know what questions you might have.