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Private Lender Representation

Lenders Come in All Sizes

Not all real estate loans in North Carolina come from large lenders like Bank of America. Many come from smaller institutional lenders or individuals, either directly or through self-directed IRAs. Frequently, these lenders do not have the loan volume to justify a North Carolina legal staff. We concentrate in working with these low volume lenders.

We can help our lender clients on the front end of either Commercial or Residential loans, by preparing and/or reviewing lender protective documents and making sure all necessary documents are properly executed and recorded. On the back end, if the borrower does not comply with the loan requirements, we help our clients recover either the money or the property.

Experience Helps Individual Lenders

Owners of self-directed IRAs will benefit from the extensive investment real estate experience of Attorney J. Eric Kindberg. His years of experience as a real estate investor, real estate closing and foreclosing attorney, and self-directed IRA lender, allow him to quickly and knowledgeably discuss the issues and questions potential lenders may have. Call him today at 704-900-3816 for a free consultation or complete the online form.