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Are you involved with the negotiation, drafting, review or enforcement of a business, employment or commercial real estate contract? No matter how big or small the deal is that’s contained in that contract it should always be watertight. Loose ends can come back to unravel even the best transactions.

Look to our full-service law firm of problem solvers and opportunity finders: Berger & Kindberg Law. We have offices in both Charlotte.

Our Attorneys Generate Success

Whether initiating a contract at your behest, reviewing another for errors that could harm you or defending yet another in court, our lawyers succeed where many others could fail. We see problems as opportunities to excel. We try to add value to every situation. The contracts we write for you strive to leave nothing to chance.

Our staff is an experienced blend of lawyers with diverse backgrounds: nonprofits, the IRS, the business of certified public accounting, the military and small business. We know legal language. We know how to advance your goals with the written word. Our contracts aim to bring you exactly the deal you believe you are getting.

Convenient appointments at Berger & Kindberg Law are available now at 888-770-4065, toll free.

Detail-Minded, Forward-Looking, Client-Committed: Berger & Kindberg Law

Our skilled North Carolina attorneys bring long-range vision, a jeweler’s eye for “fine print” and maximum personalized service to our work on contract matters such as:

  • Lease agreements
  • Purchase agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Bills of sale
  • Noncompete agreements
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Purchase orders
  • Insurance policies
  • Vendor agreements
  • Real estate and construction contracts
  • Public contracts
  • Website page drafting

The contracts we write are written to last — to survive any contest and eliminate the need for litigation. We review other contracts as comprehensively as possible, adding and subtracting from them as befits your long-term best interests.

At your free initial consultation, you can tell us about the kinds of solidly written legal documentation you need. We promise to respond with utmost professionalism and an exceptional level of personal service.

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