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Family Law and Divorce Attorneys in Charlotte, NC

Family disputes are often emotionally charged and can quickly turn contentious. At Berger & Kindberg Law, we do NOT handle family law cases, but we routinely work with Family Law Attorneys and their clients to settle or litigate co-ownership Real Estate matters that result after divorce through Partition Actions. We can refer you to a Family Law Attorney and have numerous relationships with good Family Law Practitioners. It could be a good strategy to gain a divorce and have the co-ownership real estate matters handled post-divorce with a Partition Action. This would be done only with careful consideration of your Family Law Attorney.

We can represent you in Partition Actions after divorce. And this could be part of an overall strategy as you go through divorce as your Family Law Attorney advices.

Let us know if we can represent you or answer and questions about Partition Actions or refer you to a Family Law Attorney.