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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need an attorney to set up my corporation or LLC?

Before doing anything, it is important to determine exactly what you want to do with the company, which will help to determine what type of entity best fits those needs.

A few major issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Number of owners and limitations
  • Liability limitations, and requirements to maintain
  • Tax implications and reporting
  • If the business is required to hold regular meetings, and report minutes

Berger & Kindberg Law can:

  • File the articles of incorporation or organization
  • Draft agreements amongst owners
  • Assist in drafting the bylaws
  • Explain all relevant filing requirements and associated fees
  • Explain the business formalities
  • Meet important deadlines critical for success

You need an experienced professional to set up your entity right and explain to you how to run it. Hal Berger is an attorney, CPA and business owner. J. Eric Kindberg is an attorney and multiple business owner with an MBA. Each has a unique insights that will greatly benefit your undertaking. Call Hal or Eric today.

2. Why do I need to hire an attorney to draft a will when I can find a form on the internet?

For many people, the creation of a Will is one of only a few times in their life that they will ever use the services of an attorney. This is because everything involved is very personal to them, so want it to be clear to their heirs exactly what they want done with their assets if anything were to happen to them.

Once completed, wills tend to be put away for safekeeping, and people usually assume that everything in the document says exactly what they want to say, without even knowing all of the legal formalities. The problem is that if there is a problem with the structure or wording of the document, the error may not be caught until it’s too late, and the document may be unenforceable in court, or simply unclear as to what the testator intended.

Berger & Kindberg Law can:

  • Draft the document
  • Make sure it says exactly what the client intends for it to say
  • Make sure it meets all of the required formality to be binding in probate court
  • File a copy of the Will with probate office when needed

You need an experienced professional to help you set up your estate plan. Call Eric or Hal to set an appointment to discuss you will and estate planning questions.

3. Why hire an attorney to negotiate a commercial lease agreement?

The owner of a commercial building will likely retain an attorney to draft a lease agreement that puts them in the best position and limits their liability as much as possible. Once the agreement is signed, you cannot go back and renegotiate the terms.

Berger & Kindberg Law can:

  • Help negotiate up-fit and repair concessions that will be in the best interest of the client
  • Limit liability exposure
  • Make sure proper inspection are done

If done properly, a commercial lease agreement can be one of a business’s best assets. There are tremendous risks and opportunities in a commercial lease. Berger & Kindberg Law can help procure an agreement that will increase your success and limit your liability. Hal Berger is both an Attorney, CPA and has a unique insight that will greatly benefit your business. Call Hal today. You can call him directly at 704-900-3816.

4. Asset protection is an important concern for me. How can I work to protect the things I have worked so hard for?

Risk aversion is very important. Berger & Kindberg Law will work with you to evaluate your unique facts and circumstances and help to utilize techniques to keep your assets as safe as possible. A critical time is when you are purchasing or starting a business or purchasing or putting real estate into a rental or productive status. Let Berger & Kindberg Law work with you to help you gain the protection you desire.

5. I am a well known person, but also want to protect my privacy. Is there a way for me to buy property without having all of the details easily accessible to the general public?

Berger & Kindberg Law has worked with many high profile individuals and knows how to create greater privacy for our clients. A critical time is when you are purchasing a new home. Let us work with you to help you gain the privacy you desire. J. Eric Kindberg is both an attorney and a real estate investor and has extensive experience with asset and privacy protection. Call him at 704-900-3816.  Hal Berger is both an attorney and CPA which gives him a unique insight that will greatly benefit your business and your family. Call Hal today. You can call him at 704-900-3816.

6. I can handle the Probate and Estate Administration of my heir’s estate myself. What value can a lawyer provide?

Not only is estate administration complicated and confusing, but decisions you make when you file the estate papers can bind you to choices you cannot undue. You need an experienced attorney to help you make choices and handle things as is best for the estate. Berger & Kindberg Law will allow you to do as much or as little of the work as you want, but doing it with our guidance. J. Eric Kindberg is an attorney with an MBA and many years of experience in working with estates. His insight will greatly benefit you and your family. Call Eric today at 704-900-3816 .