At Berger & Kindberg Law, our Charlotte real estate litigation lawyers represent lenders and trustees holding security interests in real property. Sometimes, collateral can be recovered without litigation, but often a foreclosure is necessary to recover property or clean up the ownership chain of title. We work to avoid costly court matters, but when they are unavoidable, you can count on us to look out for you.

Practical Representation for Businesses and Individuals

If you are involved in a delinquent real estate issue or are concerned about a property transaction in lieu of foreclosure, our North Carolina foreclosure attorneys can represent your interests. Regardless of what the best method of resolving your problem may be, we will work to resolve the matter quickly, efficiently and in a way that provides the most benefit for you.

Your Case Will Receive Our Full Attention

We view problems as opportunities and welcome the challenge of resolving your serious issues through effective negotiation, if possible, or through the courts, if necessary. We are very selective with the cases we litigate, which enables us to devote our full attention to providing you with informed, personalized representation.

Call for a Free Consultation with a North Carolina Foreclosure Attorney

When you have a dispute involving property, you can count on us to stand in your corner. Contact our Charlotte real estate foreclosure attorneys online to call 704-900-3816 for a free consultation at our conveniently located South Park office.